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Food waste treatment is imminent Millions of market waiting to bloom


Food waste treatment is imminent Hundreds of millions of market waiting to spend an hour before or food, an hour later became rubbish. Statistics authoritative statistics found that China's huge amount of food waste, resource utilization is low. The city produces not less than 60 million tons of food waste each year, with staggering output of food waste in large and medium-sized cities. At present, most of the city's food waste and household waste are mixed and piled up, mainly by traditional incineration and landfill.

However, incineration and landfill can not realize the utilization of food waste and bring a heavy burden to the local finance. Even in cities that vigorously develop kitchen waste recycling technology, the proportion of resource treatment is relatively low.

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Based on the current situation, China has successively promulgated the "Notice on Organizing the Pilot Project of Recycling and Harmless Treatment of Urban Kitchen Waste and the Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Waste Oil and Waste Management of Kitchen Waste," pointing out Strengthen the management of kitchen waste in our country and special rectification, and promote its resource utilization and harmless treatment.
In view of the huge market demand and the help of policies, the market space for food waste treatment industry will be gradually clarified.
Ren Lianhai, director of the catering committee of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, said that if the production and transportation system is completed based on the daily output of 100,000 tons during the "12th Five-Year Plan", the market will reach about 20 billion yuan Transport system, including garbage containers, vehicles, including the interface between vehicles and trash containers); treatment and disposal of construction projects, building treatment plants, according to tons of investment 500,000 ~ 1 million calculation, the market size will reach 50 billion to 100 billion yuan In daily operation, the treatment and disposal plant is divided into two parts: one is food waste and the other is kitchen waste oil (waste oil). The local subsidies to be added, the annual market size can be formed is about 30 billion yuan; and regulatory system building, many cities to improve management level, the need to build some information systems, including GPS visualization positioning system, which can form about About 2 billion yuan market size.

In the face of such an attractive cake, many enterprises in the industry are gearing up. However, in fact, since China's food waste treatment industry is in its infancy, the collection and transportation of food waste is basically done by private individuals. The government regulation is not in place and most of the food waste goes to illegal workshops and farms. As a result, many food waste treatment plants that have already been built fail to meet the handling capacity requirements, resulting in the phenomenon of "insufficient food".

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Therefore, in order to achieve a healthy development of food waste treatment, we must have clear rules and regulations to improve the market. In response, the Regulations on the Management and Recycling of Food Waste have been drafted and submitted to the State Council by the National Development and Reform Commission hall. It is estimated that the formal introduction of the "Thirteenth Five-year Plan" will be formally promulgated, which will lay a good foundation and a solid foundation for food waste disposal.
Driven by the continuous policy, hundreds of billions of the gradual release of the market to deal with, the future of China's kitchen waste will be the fragrance of the environmental protection industry. I believe there will be more and more enterprises to participate in, giving birth to more industrial chain market, indirectly driving hundreds of billions of space, let us wait for food and waste disposal gluttonous feast.
Countries have brilliant ideas
The conversion of food waste into organic fertilizers has long been practiced in the United Kingdom. This turning waste into treasure is very simple, that is, to gather food waste, compost fermentation, and ultimately become organic fertilizer. In recent years, the sensational effect of the United Kingdom in the food waste treatment was the use of kitchen waste to generate electricity. In 2011, the British waste management company built the world's first fully enclosed kitchen waste power plant, using kitchen waste for power generation. At present, this power plant can handle 120,000 tons of rubbish per day on average, generating 1.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity and can supply tens of thousands of households with 24 hours of electricity.